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War on Terrorism

Liking Genghis Jon's new sunshiney diary, are ya?

Well, you can thank some mystery terrorist who've hacked my acct and left me with a new cheery, middle-finger free site.

Anyways, I was kinda pissed off about this at first, but so what.

I'm not gonna cry over a damn template.

But I truely don't want this to happen to anyone else.

If they can hack me, thy can hack you.

So please be sure to not make the mistakes I have.

-Change your password weekly

-Save the HTML from your diary just incase (Mine's gone for good)

-Don't go around starting fights with everyone, even if they are filthy nipple-jerks. Try to keep it to yourself what a knb they are, and if you see their mother giving out handjobs for $3 a pop, by all means don't let them know. Some people have a habit of killing the messanger.

Anyways, I'm not gonna' let some little prick bring me down, nor stop me.

I'm bigger than that.

I'm huge.

I'm Genghis Jon, and thousands of Diarylanders everywhere look to me on how to live their lives.

I'm too important to be stopped by a sissy yellow layout.

Shit, I'm starting to like it.

Anyways, there's no stopping me.

Prepare for GJ 2.0.

I've got shit running through my head that the Pentagon only wished they had.

If I so choosed, I could broker peace between the Israelis and the Palestians. I'm just too lazy to.

But I could if I wanted.

So put your dukes up hackers, because GJ just entered the war on terrorism, and lemme tell ya.

The old GJ was the David Banner compared to what I'm turning into.

What the fuck am I talking about again?

I feel like I'm about to box Mohammed Ali.

I just wanted to thank everybody for their concern, and to let you know that I'll be fine, my diary will always be here.

And please take precautions.

Don't let a couple of idiots waste your diary.

See ya when something important runs through my head.

(Begin holding breath........NOW!)


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