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So You Want Your Punk Ass Interviewed, eh?

Want to get interviewed by moi? Here are the official rules.

- I basiclly pick people on how interesting they are. If you're diary is kind of ...personal, or no frills (in content)... I'm not gonna' be in a hurry to interview you. Seriously, who would you rather read about? An interview with someone about their cat named Pickles, or one with a girl who is holding a contest where they'll fly out and bang you??? You'd take the flying banging girl anyday, and so would I!

- Another thing I look for is how cool you are. I ask a lot of retarded questions, so I got to know you can handle them. I've had some requests from people who, once I've read their diary, discovered that they're pretty conservative. Or, I've sent them the questions and they said they didn't want to answer some. If I get the impression that I'm not your cup of tea, I'm not gonna' waste my time. I might be persuaded with a "ask me ANYTHING, I will answer all" statement, but you have to mean it!

- Flattery will get you far, but not everywhere. I'd always be open to interview someone that hates my guts, but I honestly do favor those that have me in their buddy list, and link me, yadda, yadda. I like to think of us as a family here. You help me, I'll help you. But again, NOT having me in your buddy list, ect. does not exclude you from being interviewed.

- I'm not gonna' tell you that you HAVE to link back to me, or the entry where you got interviewed. Most people do anyways. But if for some reason you don't want to (i.e. embarrassed about the midget orgy you boasted about) hey, I understand. It's your diary. You do with it what you want.

- No teenagers. Twenty or over please. I don't need a reason.

- Some people have written me, telling me how they want the interview done, ect. I hit the delete message button before I even finish reading.

- OK, that wasn't so bad. Think you got what it takes to let Genghis Jon Interview Your Punk Ass? By all means then, have your punk ass drop me a line.


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