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A word to anyone looking forward to the debates.

So it has been brought to my attention that Wicked Sezzy is being provoked by various dipshits.

First, I want to stop for a moment and prey to the gods that their asses fall off.

Next I want to explain why they're doing this. Basically they offered to debate her, got turned down, still overflowing with political fever-they thought they'd cut out the middleman and visit her website (that isn't even remotely about politics) on their own accord and try to bait her into dialog.

The reason I wanted to have a political debate was to air all this shit out in a fair, organized manner.

I'm hoping that most people would read the debates with an open mind. Judging by people's behavior thus far I highly doubt that will happen. To the people that have taken it upon themselves to stick there noses where it's not welcome, all I can say is that I don't appreciate you jeopardizing the debate that I have worked so hard to organize. Not to mention the many readers who are looking forward to this, and at least one contender who I know is excited about participating.

If you think I'm gonna' sit idly while a couple of pissants aims to fuck up all this, you're sadly mistaken.

Sezzy has already expressed her reserve at continuing on with the debate, and I honestly couldn't blame her. I'd hate to see her match with Disco not happen, but if she walked away from all this right now I wouldn't blame her a bit. Her political views are by far a small minority from most of those in Diaryland. I give her all the credit in the world for even considering doing this. She's already shown more courage then every one of her critics combined. She has little, if any, to gain from all this and has allowed me to talk her into it anyways. So hats off to her for not only being the better person, but for demonstrating, to me at least, the hypocrisy of the "tolerant, open-minded liberal".

Now, in order to have a serious debate, we all need to be responsible here. I need to be responsible to keep this fair and non-personal. You, the reader need to not get in the middle. If you're overcome with emotion that needs to get out. Support the person representing your stance. But you'd all do well keeping an open mind. Sez is no dummy. She isn't a conservative because she doesn't "see the light" from the left. Her political stance is based on intelligence that will be demonstrated if this debate hasn't already been sabotaged by those two assholes.


And now Genghis Jon presents the

Freudian slip of a lifetime!


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