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War Fever

Well, war fever has hit America.

Especially with the DJ's on the radio.

Every fucking DJ from Howard Stern down is saying that we need to just level the middle east.

People are calling in, and being interviewed on TV. Not John Wayne types either...old ladies, everybody. They're all saying that we need to bomb the Hell out of all middle east. Men, women and children. The kids will just grow up to bomb us some more.

Now, I'm not against retaliation at all, but personnaly I don't want to bomb anybody.

I mean, maybe we have to.

And we should.

But it's not gonna' be fun.

People brought up a good point about how we bombed the fuck out of the Japannese and now they're a pacifist country. One of our best buddies!

The good news is, almost every country is behind us on whatever we do.

Including Russia, Cuba, Libia, Iran, ect...

We're not in danger of losing a war. We all know that.

What I think about is that this is just about so few people. A handful compared to how many it's going to effect.

If we declare war on Afghanistan, which looks like a very good reality....a lot of innocent people will get hurt. On both sides.

It's foolish to think that everyone living in Afghanistan are evil. They're not. They don't want people to get hurt anymore than your average Joe on the street.

It's tragic that those people are gonna' be under our bombs.

It's also tragic that we're gonna' take our boys right out of High school and have them do the bombing.

Again, we'll win.

The war should only last about 6 months, tops.

But than we're gonna' come home and still have to live with the fact that two planes crashed into the WTC and destroyed them and we couldn't stop it.

We're going to have to live with the fact that they crashed into the fucking pentagon and we couldn't stop it.

The boys that we sent to war are gonna' spend the rest of their lives trying to make sence of what they did.

The bottom line through all this is that if America isn't safe, the rest of the world isn't safe.

I'm no hippy, but war hurts everybody.

I'm no macho-dude either, but we need to protect the innocent people.

I'm glad nobody in Washington is asking me what they should do.

Nothing short of turning back the clock and changing what happened Tuesday is gonna' make us the same that we were Monday.

We're all different. We've all changed

The whole world is.

But at least we have a strong leader we can rally behind.....

Ugh, I'm even not into my George W Bush bashes.

Never thought I'd say this, but God help the sonofabitch.



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