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A Glimpse of My Work Hell

I talk to customers online at work, take a look at the shit I have to put up with....

Jon: Hi, this is Jon. Welcome to Online Chat. How can I help you?

Visitor: We are looking to purchase the Employee Compensation book, but the pricing is a little high. If you will adjust the pricing to $300, we will purchase. Is this a possibility?

(The regular price is $395)

Jon: No, I'm afraid I cannot do that. I could deduct it by $50, but that would be as high as I could go.

Visitor: I don't know that I can afford that and the Wage & Salary book. Can you do anything with the pricing if I get both?

Jon: No, I'm afraid I cannot.

Visitor: You're killing me. How much is the Wage & Salary Book?

Jon: The wage & salary is $69.95

Visitor: OK, how about giving me both for $365?

Jon: Sorry, I'm afraid I cannot do that.

Visitor: OK, what is your best offer?

Jon: I can give you $50 off the price of the Employee compensation.

Visitor: If you can reduce the cost another $25 (to cover taxes) I will give you a PO#.

Jon: Unless you are in CT, there are no taxes. But I cannot reduce the price anymore.

Visitor: Can you reduce by the amount of the shipping cost?

Jon: I wish I could, but I'm afraid that cannot be done. There is a $50 coupon that we sent out to some customers that I could apply to your order, but I do not have the option to hagle with the price or the s/h I'm afraid.

Visitor: Does that mean you will give us $50 off for the cost and a $50 coupon as well?

Jon: No, just $50 off.

Visitor: OK, you drive a hard bargain. What is the shipping cost?

Jon: For both, the s/h will be $35.27.

Visitor: Sorry but I was not expecting a shipping cost higher than $25. I was not "hagling" to haggle - I really am on a tight budget. Thanks for nothing.

Jon: Thanks for chatting.

Visitor: And do me a favor and fuck off!

Jon: I certainly will. Thanks for visiting and please stop back soon.


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