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Southern tounge

You know what? I amaze myself sometimes. I was always a horrible guitar player. But after this 3 day weekend of locking myself in the bedroom with the damn thing,....I still suck. But I'm getting better! I figured out two really easy songs. "Wave of Mutilation" by the Pixies and "Pablo Picasso" by The Modern Lovers. And also the main riff to "Black Rose" by Thin Lizzy. Aren't I something?

There's nothing worse then coming back to work after an extended weekend. Even if it's just one extra day. Everybody here looks like they're about to cry.

We have this new girl here with a very thick, THICK southern accent. Nice girl. But the accent takes a little getting used to. I talk to a lot of southerners on the phone at work. The stereotype about them being dumb and slow is just horseshit. I hate to say it, but you kind of expect them to be, once they lay that thick southern fried chicken accent on ya' you just think....well, "Hee-Haw!" Any prejudice I've had about our southern cousins have been eliminated by this job. But one thing I will say is that I do notice a lot of southern men seem to be really aggressive on the phone. I wouldn't say they're short on manners, actually they use 'sir' and 'thanks' more then any yankee. But the southern males I deal with are really just straight shooters, "I'm gonna' talk, you're gonna listen" type of folk. But the problem is is that they're calling ME for help, and it's kinda' hard to do that when they insist on running the show. But it's a nice quality to have I guess. I wish I could just talk to people and just comand respect like that! But, alas. It wasn't meant to be. I'm WAAAAYYYYY down on the food chain. Just above the tadpole.

I don't want to live in CT anymore.

Someone send me a train ticket (airplane tix will NOT be accepted) I'll stay with you for awhile.

Mother-"Oh my, there's a strange man in our kitchen, drinking out of the milk carton!"

You-"That's no stranger momma' That's Genghis Jon! I sent him a train ticket so he could live with us. You see, he's sick of being responsible, paying bills and such. And was looking for a family to mooch off of. So can I keep him mom, can I???"

Mother-"Well......Genghis Jon is a big responsibility.....I don't know....."

(Genghis walks up to her and slides his tounge down yo' mommas' throat)

Mother- "Well OK, he can stay.....but he'll sleep in my room!"



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