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Genghis gets serious again, you've been forewarned....

Well, if you've read this guy and heard about the kidnapping Good news, she's safe.

Thank God for that. I remember reading about that story yesterday and just cringing. I can't believe what people do sometimes. It just makes me sick. I hope the guy gets the shit kicked out of him on a regular basis.

Mr. Zero, who's probably one of the guy's I hold in the highest regards here at Diaryland brought up the death penalty. Here's my views on it.

The only problem I have with the death penalty is that it's too humane. Some people deserve to get the living shit kicked out of them. For instance, someone that kidnaps a young girl, tortures her, rapes her, brutalizes her. A guy like that needs more then a shot in the arm and a long nap. He needs to get what he gave. He needs to feel the pain he dished out. Somebody that does something like that, is just worthless to society. Not only does he need to die, he needs to be treated the way he treated others.

I've heard a lot of arguments against capital punishment and it just drives me nuts. Leading the way in the movement is the Green party. I keep hearing Ralph Nader and Michael Moore talk about how a civilized nation has no place in executing people. And that two wrongs don't make a right. That just drives me nuts. I had it out with some guy a few months back. I met him outside a mall, he was trying to recuit members for the Green Party. After telling him I wasn't interested and why, we started talking about this issue. First of all, I'm not gonna' join a political party recommended by a 25 year old hippy, with dreadlocks and cellphone. He started telling me how wrong it is for a government to kill people, that it's using the same evil to solve the problem. I said, you know what? If you can't tell the difference between a jackass preying on innocent people. Mostly women. Using them for their own pleasure and them killing them like they were a dog. And a government putting the lights out on that guy, then I feel sorry for you. I said I think Nader needs to concern himself with protecting innocent women instead of trying to free their attackers from jail. I went on to say (I was really getting worked up on this poor kid) that the guy I want to be set free is the guy that rapes and kills YOUR mother. He got pretty upset when I said that, but I was making point. I said, hey. God forbid anything should ever happen to your mother. I wasn't saying that I want anything to happen to her. But if you got to think that if it happened to someone you love, you'd want the guy put out, and with good reason.

I think I might of even reformed him, he seemed to see my side of things by the time our conversation was though. He's probably a republican now.

But all the politics aside, this has reminded me of a couple of scarey times in my life.

When I was a youngster, I actually WAS abducted for a very brief time.

I remember I was about 9, and walking home from the store. A car pulled up beside me with a buch of college kids in it. They called out to me, asking if I knew where something was. I think it was Trinity College. I was giving them directions until they all said, "we can't hear you, come closer." So, thinking nothing of it I went right up to the car. There were about five collage age guys in the vehicle. As I was next to the car I noticed two things. The first was that they all had these weird smiles on their faces. The second was that they weren't really listening to my directions.

But again, I was 9 and didn't know any better. So about one second after I was standing next to the vehicle, the guy on the front passenger side grabbed me real quick and pulled me in. Before I was completely in the car, the driver gunned it. Once in the car, the guys in the back grabbed me and pulled towards the back seat. Needless to say I was scared as hell. And fighting like a pit bull. I scratched one guy in the eye pretty bad. They weren't out to hurt me, they were just playing a really, really, really sick college prank. They thought it'd be funny if they grabbed a 9 year old kid and make him believe that he was about to get raped by five guys. They were telling me "we're gonna' fuck you little boy" and " you've got a long night ahead of you, get ready"

Really sick shit.

They only had me in the car for about 3 minutes and threw me out. They were drunk and just assholes.

I was really lucky that I wasn't in any danger, anytime I hear about someone getting kidnapped I know a little bit what it's like because I've felt that fear.

Well, the guys were not only assholes, they were stupid. Out of all the kids they could of done that to, they picked a cop's son. A very angry cop's son. Needless to say I got the licence plate and the crew was picked up withing an hour! (Go dad!)

They all did some time and got thrown out of college. They also got the living shit kicked out of them by dad and friends. Maybe that sounds wrong, I'm sure Ralph Nader's dad wouldn't of done that. But I knew I was taken care of after that. I felt some justice.

I mean, I felt a little guitly. These guys got pretty fucked. For 3 minutes of stupid "fun" they got a jail sentence, thrown out of school, a permenent record (a serious one!) and a good pounding. I couldn't imagine what would happen if these guys were serious and did hurt me and kill me. They'd have their defence lawyers and Ralph Nader screaming for their proper treatment. It must be awful to be a family that has to go through that. I'm really glad this girl was found alive. I'm also glad I don't have a tree-hugger for a dad.


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