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Face OFF(s)

If anyone wants to have an operation to make him/herself look like me and attend my brother's wedding in my place, lemme know. I'll go halves on the operation.

And yes, such operation is possible. If you've seen the unbelievabley-believable

Face Off then you'd understand how it can be done.

I have 2 days until this blasted event, and I still haven't written a speech. You have over 200 examples on this diary of how untactful I am. I should be sincere, yet, how do I be hoestly give a testament to someone I've hated since my skull wasn't completely hardened? Seriously, we spent our childhood kicking the shit out of each other. My siter-in-law doesn't want any sotr of comedy, or sarcasm from me, so I'm kinda left powerless.


Anyways, speaking of a "face off" because I don't have enough to be worried about, tonight I'm going to see Lisa.

I'm a firm believer on leaving the past in the past, so why am I subjecting myself to this nostalgic bullshit? Because if I don't, I'll keep wondering. But after this, I don't expect to see her again. I'm sure she feels the same way. Anyways, 3 days from now I'll be done with all this shit. Praise be to Allah.


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