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Letter to Publishing Company

I use to write letters all the time. The problem with letters though is that few write back. I finally got one to reply though, so, enjoy....

Dear Pegasus Books.

Sept 11th 2001.

A day none of us will forget. A day that left a legacy of anxiety and fear. With all this turmoil, it seems unlikely that any good could come from all this?

Let me get to the pitch. On that terrible day I lost my husband of 8 years. Jeffrey and me were soul mates from the first time we laid eyes on each other. Losing him, I didn't know how I could carry on.

The book I'm proposing to write will be called "The 9/11 Diet". It's the story of how I turned personal heartache, into a size 4 dress size.

In the world after Sept 11th, a lot of people have turned to food to comfort them in these uncertain times. What I hope to do with this book is to have the reader tap into my personal pain. I'll challenge them to convince themselves that a loved one of their own was taken away from them. After that, the reader will go through a virtual greiving period and depression. It's that exact moment where they'll see the pounds start to shred. Worked for me, I went from Widow to "Wow". From Greiving, to Gorgeous. From Heartbroken, to Heartbreaker.

If this sounds interesting to you, I'd be excited to be in partnership with Pegasus Press.


Judy LaCasse


Dear Judy,

Thank you for the e-mail, and my condolances on the loss of your husband.

I want to start out by saying that we do not deal with this sort of publication at Pegasus Press. We solely release books for teaching and research in the Medieval and Renaissance periods. I'm afraid we don't do diet books, world events, or in your case a combination of the two.

I wish you luck in finding a publisher in the future. I would like to suggest that you maybe check your spelling a little better n the future. Those of us in the written word business tend to get irked by bad grammer.

Thank you and good luck,

Simon Dimitrijovic


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