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Hello Motherfuckers

Howdy folks.
Been awhile, hasn't it?
I wanna' say thanks to everyone who's encouraged me to continue writing because I wouldn't be here without your encouragement. Thanks.
I have an announcement to make. I'm going back on Paxil. That's right, Paxil. Anti-Depressant. Successor to Prozac. Brain candy.
Not to sound like a totaa fucking pussy but this world is driving me fucking mad.
I have a terrible habit of tuning into every news source I can get my hands on and soaking in all this horseshit that just makes me want to fucking kill people.
So before I do that I'm getting Paxilorated. The plus side to that besides receding my homocidal tendancies is that it makes me want to write more.
the time when I stopped writing prolificly was around the time I got off the Pax.
With any luck in a few weeks time I'll be writing about how stupid of a world it is instead of taking it out on my hair.
I miss BoB.


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