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Advice to Bill

I caught Bill on the IM today. It was a lucky thing for him too because he's been having some conflict as to whether or not to stay in LA, or go back to Chicago where he's from.

Here's what went down.

Genghis- So you're thinking of leaving LA are ya?

Bill- yep

Genghis- Yeah I can relate. I live in Connecticut and expected to be bored. Yet, after all this time I'm not really bored I'm giving it until Nov 27th and if I'm still not bored I'm moving to Arkansas

Bill- and here i thought LA was a world class city that id come to love

Genghis- Fuck LA. There's no place on Earth that has a larger population of aspiring writers and actors willing to give you a $5 handjob on every corner.

Genghis- Excuse me, but I want my handjob from someone that's been doing it their whole life. Not one of these tagger-ons

Bill- yeah, i just dont want the stigma of giving up

Genghis- Bill, let me tell you a story

It's about a guy your age, your height your weight, even had a web page on diaryland.

Bill- no way!

Genghis- One day "Will" decide to move from Chicago to LA. He wanted to be a big Hollywood writer, you with me?

Bill- so far, so good

Genghis- Anyways, after awhile he learned that the business is tough, and if you're not Drew Barrymore's coke dealer, you're not gonna get your foot in the door. Despite that, Will didn't want to give up. So, one day he couldn't make ends meet so he thought he'd give out handjobs for $5. Just once.

Bill- oh no...

Genghis- Yes my friend.

Genghis- He swore it would only be once. Would you like to know where Will is right now?

Bill- i dont like where this is going

Genghis- Actually he's doing quite well. He's Will Farrell from SNL. The guy he gave a handjob to was Lorne Michaels. He did such a good job, he got hired to SNL and is now a major movie star.

Bill- wow!

Bill- ive got to give lorne michaels a HJ right now!

Genghis- So you see Bill, the moral of the story is you're not gonna make any connections temping for a dentist. You need to hit the streets and put that writing hand to some real work if you know what I mean (wink, wink)

Bill- and if that doesnt work, i can just become the Yank King of LA

Genghis- It's a win-win situation Bill.

Bill- so true. no one is going to drop trou for handy fun in a cold chicago winter thank you, jon!

Genghis- Thank me on Oscar night Bill.

Genghis- Wave to me with that famous hand of yours

Bill- it will be dripping with cum and gratitude

Genghis- Cum/Gratitude. All the same when youu think about it.

Bill- youre so deep, maaaaaaaan

Genghis- I wasn't always my friend, I'll let you in on a secret. I know so much about handjobs because I 've been giving them for years.

Bill- i know you have. and i only hope that one day ill be as good as you.

Genghis- Slow down there sparky. Every high flying eagle has to start at a low altitude you know.

Bill- alright, i gots to split for a while...ill talk to you/jerk you off later?

Genghis- Alright my friend, take care

Bill- later, my friend

Bill- i love how we turn into old indian convenience store guys the minute we say 'my friend'

Genghis- I am an old Indian guy, you jerk!

Bill- "you are good, my friend? the ladies are good to you? ah, my friend!"

Bill- later, hajib


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