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Humor that doesn't fall flat.

I remember, maybe about a year ago, a commercial on the radio for Voicestream cellular. The commercial was set up between a big voice guy, and cineamatic sensation, Jamie Lee Curtis. Daughter of Tony, husband of the Spinal Tap guy.

Anyways, the ad was set up like a conversation between the two. Both singing the praises of Voicestream services. Nothing seemed attention grabbing at all, just the usual blah, blah, trying to put subliminal messages in my brain, and the like. But then something marvelous happened. Something absolutely unforgetable. The guy, the big voice guy was talking about flat rates. He ended his disertation of flat rates by inquiring of his partner "know anything about flat, Jamie?"

The next thing I know I was looking at my windshield that was sprayed with Pepsi that exited out my nose.

I have never heard that ad played again.


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