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I Be Illin'

Dude, I got the flu or something! Yeah, sorry about not updating, but I'm sicker than Robert Downey Jr in rehab.

Today I'm celebrating my 6th day being ill. Yesterday I decided to go to the doctor's. And by describing where I was going as "the doctor's" you'd think that's who I'd be seeing. A doctor. Nope. They decided I was only good enough for a nurse practitioner. This medical genius informed me that despite the fact that I've been sick as hell for 5 days, and only gotten worse, that my illness will pass on it's own. All I need to do is keep taking Tylenol.

That's quality health care in it's finest, folks.

Well, I have to go back to coughing my brains out. I'll be back when my illness passes on it's own.


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