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I Am A Rock, I Am An IIIIIIIIIIsland

In regards to yesterday's entry on my early belief that Scott Peterson was innocent, I was left the following in my guestbook...

"I'm just curious..... But him trying to sell the house and the truck the day after she was missing wasn't a clue? Hey, you're right... maybe he was trying to sell it for some extra cash....for the fliers. mmhmm.."

Ma'am, you're a gawdamn genius.

I ask you, what the fuck were we even waiting for a body to show up? The second the guy tried to sell his car we should have given him the chair.

I mean, the guy was selling his car! What was I thinking defending this man???? People who sell their cars are obviously wife-murdering, child-molesting, commie-sympathizers.

I bet this guy also brushed his teeth after his wife went missing. You know, all the signs were there. I can't believe we didn't pick up on them.


From Fox Networks, the station that's trying to retard an entire country, last evening proudly presented their new reality TV series called Mr Personality.

The show consists of some ho they plucked out of some bar, who's living with 30 or so guys all wearing "Man in the Iron Mask" type disguises.

I'll be honest with you, I haven't seen the show. I did see a commercial where the chick was making out with one of these guys through his colorful mask in the hot tub.

At that moment I felt something leaking out of my ear. Upon further inspection I noticed it was my brain.

I have no opinion on the show other then I hope everyone involved in it gets gingivitis and dies.


Being the big man I am, I want to appologize to the 12% Beer folks.

There was something writen here that has totally embarrassed me.

I was having an IM conversation with the girl that runs the group. I was talking tounge and cheek about how I want to make DiaryQuotes a more popular place then 12% Beer just to tick them off.

It was a total joke. The people I like the most in Diaryland are in 12%.

She responded by taking the liberty of asking people in my behalf to make DQ a more popular place then 12%.

I've been writing on here for years folks, and despite all my hard work, I have yet to portray myself as a bigger asshole than she seemed to do so effortlessly.

Needless to say I was really embarressed. The last thing I want to do is get in any 'us against them' malarky.

The truth is I don't know why I agreed to be part of a group in the first place. I'm not comfortable in these fraternity type clubs. I don't work well with others. Never have.

Because I feel like I just added a whole plate of stupidity into my life, I just sent an email asking to be removed from The DQ site. No hostilities, I wish them well, but in all honesty I don't feel comfortable being part of something that I don't have total control in how I'm portrayed.

With that said I want to say that I take full responsibility for the garbage that was written, and want to again apologize to my friends over at 100% Queer.

I also want to apologize for that "100% Queer" remark which I couldn't seem to hold back. Guys, believe me when I say I truly am sorry.


Also, if anyone wants to do a little charity for work a poor immigrant who lacks the skills in making a decent banner for his debate site.

Please write me at

You'll be doing the world a lot of good.


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