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On the eve of my Montreal venture!

Happy New Year, folks!

My New Year's resolution is to clean up my fucking language.

I also want to get a job working with kids.


So tomorrow begins my trek to the kingdom of Catholic churches and Nudie Bars.

Where crepes grow on trees, and French is spoken in non-mockingly fashion.

Where else could I be talking of other than Montreal?

After announcing where I'm vacationing, Wicked piped in saying "Dude. montreal in JANUARY? i went there for new year's even once, back in the day when Canada was the Happy Underage Drinking Wonderland. It's the coldest place EVER. You're gonna freeze yer keister off! "

Hmmm, yes, I see your point. A place where French women as young as 18 can legally get wasted, and encouraged to do so as part of their culture.

Really, what could I ever find to do in that town?

Would somebody kindly tell Sez what a nipple she is?


Do you have any idea how cheap renting a car is these days?

I'm getting a "full size" car for $20.37 a day. Unlimited fucking miles!

I'm gonna' drive the FUCK out of that car!

The rule with rental cars is that as long as you don't hit anything, you can do what you want with it.

It's gonna snow, so I'm probably gonna do donuts all the way up there.

Or maybe I'll drive backwards the whole way.


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