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New Pope on the Block

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Hey great news, we have a new pope!

Well not we. I'm not Catholic so I don't have a new anything.

I'm Episcipalian; my guys are busy electing homosexuals to every distinguished part of the church.

Anyways the new Pope on the block is a German named Joseph Ratzinger (Joey Rats to the Italians)

It may come as a suprise for you to learn the new Pope was once a member of Hitler's Youth.

Is that something or what? This guy use to shoot planes out of the sky for Das Furher and now he's Pope Benedict XVI- how's that for reforming a troubled teen?

I have to admit I was rooting for Cardinal Francis Arinze, or, if he was elected, Pope Tupac I.
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I know, I know, it would never happen. But the media tried to convince us that it wmight which allowed me to imagine how the world's 1 billion catholics would react to being led by a black guy.

For instance I could not imagine walking into an Italian's home and seeing a picture of a black guy, even if he is the Pope. If this were the case Italians would be converting back to pagans in droves.


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