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Blah, blah, fucking, blah....

Well the Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away. Such is life, no?

The French have a saying. Actually they have lots of sayings, mostly in French to, but there's this one saying that they have, loosly translated means "Zee women are zee root of all evil."

Leave it to the frog bastards to put the blame on women, while rolling out a red carpet for the Nazis.

Anyways, I wouldn't wish any of you to sit and read another word about the French, that said, let's move along.

The girl I was seeing and myself are no longer together. I know you're thinking it's because of the kid. For those that are thinking that, I command you to bite your tounge! It has nothing to do with the kid.

Today is Friday, the last time I spoke with moma-chic was 2 weeks ago tonight.

It was Star Wars, we went with her friends and had a good time. After that, we went to a restaurant where here and her/our couple friends proceeded to drink away. Once they hit that certain level, all hell broke loose between my chick, and her chicky friend.

See, my chick was upset with the other chick because she failed a coarse at school last year, and isn't going back. The big problem my chick had with that was the fact that she was making her lie to everybody saying that she would indeed be going back.

Now, if you're any good at math you know that a bad mood + built up resentments, multiplied by alcohol = cat fight.

Nothing bad, it wasn't physical, just my chick was getting angry and DEMANDED an answer as to why she was fucking up her life like that, and if she was going to start being honest with people.

So, the other chick grabbed her boyfriend, politely said she was leaving, informed me that it was nice to see me, and left me to deal with a bitter woman.

When she asked for my take on things, I simply stated that I thought she was right in what she was saying, but she shouldn't of brought it up while me and the other chick's boyfriend there. I said we were having dinner and that wasn't the place for such an argument.

She kept interupting me saying "I know, but she's fucking her life up!"

I said, "maybe, but it wasn't the place to talk about it."

Then she would say, "but I'm sick of lying for her"

I said, "OK, but it wasn't the place to talk about it."

I really don't think sheunderstood what I was saying. I don't think she really cared, all she heard was I wasn't defending her, and reaimed her resentment rifle in my directions.

So, I went back to her place, we went to sleep without any chance of sex, and two weeks later, I still haven't heard from her.

Total calls I made to her in the 2 weeks time, 7.

Total calls she made to me in the 2 weeks time, 1.

I'm totally fine with this too. Who needs a fucking girlfriend? Plus, the most important thing that made me drop this, is the music.


I swear to God, I went over to her house one time and she was listening to Britney. I said, "is this the radio?"

"No, I own the CD"

I tilt my head at her like a confused dog.

"I just like her because it's good dance music."

Aw fuck me! What the hell am I gonna do with a girl like that?

I want a girl that I can talk about the Magnetic Field's new album with, shit like that.

So, it was doomed to fail. There's no getting around that. The only thing that's making me feel bad, is that her birthday is coming up. I feel bad that I can't celebrate that with her.

Also, June 30th is my brother's wedding and I was suppose to bring her. Now, I get to play the role as "no date guy" or perhaps "gay brother that's not ready to flaunt his boyfriend in public."

Oh, lucky me.

Maybe I'll just get drunk and screw the maid of honor. Maybe I can dishonor, the maid of honor. Maybe I'll get "on her"...the maid of honor. Maybe she was "made" for me to be "on her?"

Plus, I'm going to be THE BEST MAN! Who wouldn't want to hook up with THE BEST MAN!? Am I right ladies?

Time will tell gang, I'll keep you posted.


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