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I'm a magnet for wackos.....

I'm never going to accept an Instant Message from a stranger again.

This is the shit I get.....

Karmasmash: do you like the smiths?

Legitamo: Who the Hell's this???

Legitamo: Yes. Yes I do.

Karmasmash: Belle and sebastian?

Legitamo: They're grooooovy

Karmasmash: and the best, radiohead?

Legitamo: yes i love radiohead

Karmasmash: fond but not in love?

Karmasmash: .*

Legitamo: the bends mostly

Legitamo: do you like pulp?

Karmasmash: they havent gotten better, just different

Karmasmash: of course

Karmasmash: and the pixies

Legitamo: have heard the new album

Karmasmash: pulp or pixies?

Legitamo: pulp

Karmasmash: no

Legitamo: its good

Karmasmash: what is it called?

Legitamo: "we love" something like that

Legitamo: where are you from?

Karmasmash: cleveland

Karmasmash: Tn

Legitamo: how old are you?

Karmasmash: ill tell you later

Legitamo: ok

Legitamo: do you play any music?

Karmasmash: guitar

Karmasmash: harmonica

Karmasmash: saxaphone

Karmasmash: and piano

Karmasmash: yourself?

Legitamo: what kind of songs do you write?

Karmasmash: i write

Legitamo: bass

Legitamo: keyboards

Legitamo: theremin

Karmasmash: a bassist, marvelous

Karmasmash: where do you live

Legitamo: guitar

Legitamo: connecticut

Karmasmash: thats a shitter

Karmasmash: for myself i mean

Legitamo: i agree

Karmasmash: Id would enjoy an aquaintance bassist

Legitamo: same there

Legitamo: so what are you doing today?

Karmasmash: well, i was inebriated last nite, and depressed

Karmasmash: and so today is today

Legitamo: bad girl

Karmasmash: you?

Legitamo: Nope

Legitamo: I'm straight

Karmasmash: what is your diaryland member name again?

Legitamo: ghensis- jon

Karmasmash: im sorry, ive been away from my comp.

Legitamo: ok

Legitamo: genghis-jon....sorry

Karmasmash: send a pic

Karmasmash: i dont have one

Karmasmash: i just have a profile

Legitamo: describe yourself because i can't read your profile

Karmasmash: i mean on diaryland

Legitamo: ok

Legitamo: what is your diary?

Karmasmash: karmasmash

Legitamo: there's nothing about on your profile

Karmasmash: im 511

Karmasmash: brown eyes

Karmasmash: black hair down to my nose

Legitamo: how old are you?

Karmasmash: you dont know enough about me to know

Karmasmash: ask me a question

Legitamo: what's the big secret? Just want to know your age

Legitamo: I did ask you a question

Karmasmash: other than me in a physical or age sense

Legitamo: naw, you're starting to freak me out by being so defensive about your age. Last thing I want to do is chat with a 14 year old girl. I think I'm gonna let you go.

Karmasmash: its ok really

Karmasmash: i will tel you later

Legitamo: there's not gonna be no later.

Karmasmash: typical

Legitamo: Not interested in playing games

Karmasmash: im not playing a fucking game

Legitamo: (tilts head)

Karmasmash: go bible thump

Legitamo: wha.....?

Karmasmash: flopper

Legitamo: Flopper??

Karmasmash: jerry cruncher, look it up

Legitamo: Are you making up names or what?

Karmasmash: no, its all real

Karmasmash: farewell holy roller

Legitamo: Naw, I don't care enough.


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