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PS. Mike, you're a retard.

"Mike" strikes back!

"Wow. You don't get it at all, and neither do your readers. I mean, I don't even consider myself a very PC person. But the word "fag"? I am gay. I don't appreciate it when people use it out of context. Do you really want me to go into the history of the word? It's not some fun-for-all word that has no meaning anymore. Not by a long shot. Would you walk up to a black person and call him the n-word? I hope not. And that number argument is so stupid that I don't feel like I should have to rebuke it. I was just trying to educate you a little bit. I didn't call you a raging homophobe at all, and I wasn't trying to diss you. I was only hoping that you'd be a little more respectful in the future. i should have known better than to think you'd even be open to it."

Mikey, Mikey, Mikey. Stop getting your panties in a bunch. Congrats on being gay. But if you're offended by the word "fag" you should maybe aim higher(?) than me and educate the nation of England, which uses the word to describe a cigarette. Seriously. They "use it out of context" all the time!

And they don't stop there, Miguel. They actually have the NERVE to call their country figurehead a "queen".

God save her Mike! Even I understand that the word "queen" has connotations to the homosexual community. And when it's taken out of context, as demonstrated by the British, it's becomes offensive to every human being on the planet, short of those who recognize the number 88.

Mike, I also have to address a question you asked. You wrote "Would you walk up to a black person and call him the n-word?"

No Mike I wouldn't. Just like I never walked up to you and called you a faggot, or anyone else for that matter. Nice spin though. I'm sure there must be 2 people out there that has a 15 second attention span that you might of been able to use your Jedi mind trick on effectively.

I'm not getting personal with you Mike. You're not a bad person. You're just retarded. Look, you have to understand that the real homophobes out there use "faggot" as their main weapon. It's their nuclear bomb. It's offensive, and hurtful, and evil because YOU let it be. YOU give them that power. YOU, YOU, YOU, buddy!

What you're doing is trying to make it a sacred word that everyone's afraid to use except for the rednecks. I say fuck 'em! There ain't a motherfucker on the planet that's more for gay equality than Genghis Jon. You want equallity? No problem. Here it is! Heterosexuals diss each other. We pick on the noticible differences that we may have. It's all fun. And it's equality. Come join our reindeer games, Mike. There's room for everybody.


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