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Rock Ad

The following is an ad I placed on a couple of local band websites.

As you'll see, hijinx ensue.

What's up! I'm Chad from the group Raging Twats. (Formerly Puddle of Puke) This may sound a little weird but we're looking for groupies to come to our shows and support our music.

Qualified applicants must have big tits, loud screaming capabilities, the ability to faint when we walk on stage, big tits, looks good in short skirts and teased hair, and most importantly, BIG TITS!

Sluts, and women of easy virtue are encouraged to apply!

Please email me at the address below and well set up an audition at my apartment.


---------Their Replies-----------------

Dude are you fucking serious? Dude you can't just place an ad for groupies, what's the matter with you? I've been playing in bands for almost 20 years and the groupies you get you gotta earn bro. But in case it does work be sure to let me know, later bro.

- is this a joke cause it's not funny?

- Dear Idiot; Do you really think girls read the classified ads on local band sites to apply for a job a groupie? R U retarded? That's not how it goes. If your band sucks too much that you can't get any groupies on your own you need to leave well enough alone. You have to be the stupidest assfuck alive to think this is gonna work. PS What kind of mental disorder does one have to be aflicted with to name their band The Raging Twats????? You really are a fucking retard!

- hey i saw your ad looking for groupies for your band and i just want to say, right on!! guess it beats having you mom and her friends play the roll;)

- This is the funniest thing I've read in my life! Put me on your mailing list, I'm dying to see you guys play out.

- yeah, I'm Trina from the all girl group Cat Trap. I just want to say that you guys better stay in Hartford cause if you think about coming to New Haven with a name like Raging Twats I can assure you you'll wish you hadn't. I will personally beat the chauvinism right out of you. asshole

- Hey I think I saw Puddle of Puke, were you guys around in 87'?

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