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Genghis Jon's Tribute to Roman Polanski (And other sexual predators)

We here at Genghis Jon's diary wanted to take a moment to single out a most incredible individual.

Mr Roman Polanski is truly a testament for what a child molester can accomplish in this day and age, if given enough courage, persistance, a belief in oneself, a little luck, and a nation (France) that harbors him from justice in the United States.

I speak, of course, of him winning best director for his film The Pianist. A decision the academy should truly feel proud of themselves for.

But before I get into what a remarkable individual Mr Polanski is, it would be wise to tell the tale of the almost insurmountable odds that seemed to be unjustly stacked against him from day one.

The tale begins in 1977 when Roman "Noodles" Polanski was doing a photo shoot with a 13 year old girl for French Vouge magazine. Thinking of the child's best interest, Mr Polanski offered the 13 year old booze and pills to help her relax. Something any good gentleman would do to a child who he was in care of.

Upon seeing that the poor child still wasn't relaxed, he asked the now doped up beaut to get naked and hop in the jacuzzi where he began photographing her. (Again, it was for a French magazine)

After a while, the girl got out and made her way to a bedroom in the house. Polanski, obviously sensing that she felt she wasn't pretty, selflessly began kissing the 13 year old to prove to her that she was beautiful, no matter what they say. Words can't bring her down.

The child instructed Roman to "keep away" and "stop", but being the adult in the matter, Mr Polanski felt that she was a little too young to be making such a mature decision as to not have sex with him, and went ahead and made the tough choice that adults have to make with children, and proceeded to force himself on the her for her own good.

Seems innocent enough, right? Well tell that to the girl who actually seemed to have a problem with this! What's more, you'll be shocked and amazed to learn that there are actually laws against making 13 year olds have sex with 42 year old men. That's right, I said against. I'M-NOT-LYING! People, look it up!

In a sad day for justice, the American system actually found him guilty and were prepared to sentance the good man to jail when, all of a sudden and out of nowhere FRANCE STEPPED IN!!!!!

That's right, France! A nation where logic still rules the land! A place where a middle age man can have sex with a girl barely into her teens and not be made into a moster for doing so. France offers a place where a man can be judged, not by the women he's raped, but by the artistic quality of his work.

So 26 years later, the same nation that convicted him of raping a 13 year old, bestowed upon him one of it's highest honors. An Oscar.

Let that be a lesson to all you would-be predators out there.

Another victim I'd like to address is former mayor of Waterbury Connecticut, Philip Giordano.

Mr Giordano got himself in a bit of hot water a little while ago when he was the focus of a sting that accused him of paying a prostitute to have sex with her 9 year old neice, and 11 year old daughter on multiple occasions.

Sure, that looks pretty ugly. But if there's one thing we can learn from the terrible Roman Polanski situation, it's to not judge a man by his sexual misconducts. Isn't it unfair to ostracize the man without first asking what kind of mayor he was?

Philip was also the Republican nominee for senator in the 2000 elections against Joesph Lieberman. He got about 28% of the vote. Phil's probably sitting in jail right now thinking his chance for ever being senator are nil, but.......are they? Is it any more crazy to think that one child molester would win an academy award, then it is for another to become senator? Non!

I just want to conclude that it brought a tear to my eye watching the awards last night. Hollywood has always been know for it's liberal outlook of things. I was glad to see that their bleeding hearts didn't extend to children being taken advantage of in the worst way by great artists.

God bless you Hollywood! Who should I vote for again?

Now if only Hitler directed Titanic.......


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