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On Making a Smart Career Choice

I don't want to get into a big debate over this but can somebody tell me why anybody would take a job as a coal miner?

I mean exactly how much money does one get paid to look like this...
Above: Heath nut

You hear in the news about all these miners all of a sudden getting stuck in a mine and it just makes you wanna' look at a calendar or something to make sure it really is the year 2006 and not 1732.

Because if it is truely the year 2006 I would expect a more technologically efficient method of retreiving our coal then taping a flashlight on some guy's helmet and sending him off into a cave with a pick ax.

Above: What most coal miners have in mind before taking the job

Now either these guys are making $500,000 a year or they really need to go to night school, because if they're making the kind of money I think they're making, which is competetive to say an associate at Jiffy Lube, they really need to sit down and think hard about some of the choices they've made in life.

Here's some quick stats to help you on your way.

- Approximate number of people that have been trapped in a mine just in the last 2 weeks - 100

- Exact number of Jiffy Lube employees that have been trapped under a Jiffy Lube since it's existance - 0

Sounds like something to think about.


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