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GJ's readers makes his heart go Ba-Bump, Ba-Bump....

I don't have time to do a real update at the moment. I actually don't have time to write what I'm writting now; however, I am so in debt to the kindness I've received over the last few days that I simply had to find the time to express my overwhelming gratitude to all you well wishers out there. Let me start by saying to the incredible ammount of people who took the time to sign my guestbook really made me feel great. I wish I knew of a stronger word other then "thanks" because I truly fell such a sense of gratitude that words cannot even come close to desribing how thankful I feel.

You guys truly are the best, and in all seriousness it put a big smile on my face. Thanks to you all.

This obviously tells me that you all agree with everthing I say. This to me is proof positive that my political views are correct, my prejudgices on left-handed people are validated, and my unvielding use of profanity is taken by you all as "dashing"!

So thanks again, I'lll try to keep up the good work.

Love GJ


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