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Genghis digs deep into his pockect and he pulls out..........the love!

I thought I'd drop some names of some diaries I've been reading lately.

First on the list we have Kim from Idreamtrains. Kim started chatting with me on the IM one day and we became fast friends. She's a very honest writer. She asked me once about how she could get more readers and I gave her some advice by suggesting "Talk about sex. You'll get more hits. Once people start coming and get to know you, talk about whatever you want. They won't leave." She told me that her sex life was boring and not worth writing about and I offered "So what? Make it up!" She couldn't do it. The best we got out of her was an attempted seduction of her live-in boyfriend. Innocence and honesty. Two attributes that I hold in the highest regard. Her early entries on her political views made me chew on my fingers, and bang my head against the desk, but my love don't die.


Next up we got Chauffi. Chauffi came out of nowhere. He either crawled out of the ground, or fell from the sky. Not sure which. Now I admit, I'm a tad partial to male writers just because we're a bit of a rarity around these parts. But this guy is funny. For instance, when I was talking about falling off the wagon, he signed my guestbook with "I think you should fall off the peace wagon and go to war. It can be like in Braveheart where we run around in fields gutting people. And then go to Denny's to laugh about it." What? You don't think that's funny? Well what did YOU write? Nothin'? THEN SHUDDUP'!!! Anyways, I expect this guy to be really, really big so you'd better go talk to him now before stops conversing with lowly people like us.


Now onto Wicked-Sezzy. Wicked is a riot! She's New English like me. This is how I figure her. Let's say she lived in New York. Her and her friends would spend their days going to theatres and art exhibitions. Soak up the culture, feed that lust for life she has inside her. But because she lives in a boring New Hampshire town, her and her friends make their own fun. Usually in the form of getting totally drunk and screwing guys they just met. And that makes for some good f'ing reading! I'm not kidding, just look at her photo section. You'll come across a picture of some random guy with a blurb reading "This is some guy we all hated. My friend fucked him and threw him out." Now THAT mister, is a FUCKING diary! She lives hard, tells the tale, and doesn't apologize. Right on...


Did someone mention the love? Well, if you're talking 'bout the love, you mus' be talkin' 'bout Jenne1017. I cannot even begin to tell you how cool Jenne is. It would take ions. Jenne started talking with me on the IM one day and within 20 minutes of talking with her, I knew I had to interview her. Anyways, one of the things that impresses me the most about her, is the fact that she's what they call a "lesbian." I know what your thinking "What does that mean? She's Greek? She was born on the Isle of Lesbos?" No, no, no.....let me explain. See, lesbian means she likes women sexually and ONLY women. It's the law. Which means that on a practicle level, I'm absolutely worthless to her. I'm a three-legged racehorse. If you put her in a room with me for 24 hours, and gave her the task to find something about me that could benefit her, she's be like "Shit......I.........I.........ugh........I'm sorry, I just can't find anything." If that ain't the coolest thing in the world, I don't know what is. I wish all women were "lesbians" I really, really do.


The next cool ass person I've recently came upon (in the non-messy way) is Damodred. Fairly recently she came on the IM and said hi. I was giving the usual speil, "Hi, how are you? Where do you live? What's life like for you? Blah, blah, blah...." I got the whole thing saved. I just cut and paste. Anyways, she tells me she has a bio and offered to have me read it. And folks, if I could get serious here for a moment. When I got done reading about her life, I was in fucking tears. Seriously, and I'm not a crier. Crying wasn't permitted for me growing up. I could of watched my dog getting shot when I was five and I would of been like "that sucks." But fuck me in the ass and call me the Lincoln Tunnel if that wasn't the saddest thing I've ever read in my life. I mean, she is one strong lady. I couldn't be as strong as her. There's a real-live hero amongst us at Diaryland, and Damodred is her name. And you'd better buy her something nice or I'll fuck your girlfriend.


Speaking of girlfrens' (and I mean that in the Oprah 'hey girlfren' sorta way) Heeeereeeee's Rubyfuss. Ruby is that chick in school who you go home at night and think about being in senirios with. Like you're walking to school, and you pass by Ruby who is 10 feet in front of you. Then, all of a sudden a gang of drunken ninjas surround Ruby! You spring in to action, kicking, punching, catching Chinese stars with your teeth! The ninjas run away (back to China, I assume) and you're left there with Ruby who is going on and on about how you saved her life, and you're the greatest, and so on. And you're just like "Yeah, it's cool. Gotta look out for those ninjas." As you modestly walk away. I say this because she's just so fucking talented it's just not fucking fair!! I'll get to her writing in a minute, but just her music alone is incredible. And I'll admit, I'm kinda snobby with other people's music. I've been playing for half my life, and there's nothing I enjoy more then listening to some fool's demo and think "HA! Silly mortal." But I'll admit when I'm beat kids, and I couldn't touch her stuff. God I hate her. And her writing.......Je-zus. There's nothing more that I could say other than she's brilliant. Boston should shove her in a museum.


And while we're in the neighborhood, let's stop by and say hi to Ruby's neighbor, Joyfulthing. "Joyful....thing!" What a rather smashing screen name, wouldn't you agree?" I ran across her diary a few days ago and ended up reading billions of her entries. She's from my homestate of Ct, but moved to Boston to prevent herself from falling into the Wicked-Sezzy lifestyle of combating boredom with drunken debauchery with anonomous locals. It's nice listening to someone talk about places I've been to, and local bands I've seen. CT does kick ass my friends, if you know where to look. Her thing appears to be photography. Which she seems to have quite the knack for. Some of her photos border on amazing. I got a digital camera for an early birthday gift, and thusfar have taken 37 pictures of my nuts. I bet she doesn't take pictures of her nuts. She's a serious photographer gang, got to respect that.


Well, that about raps up this segment. I hope you all enjoyed my tribute to Diaryland's heroes. Brought to by your friendly neighborhood Genghis Jon. And Snickers (R) The official candybar of Genghis Jon.

Snickers. Don't let hunger happen to you.


I know I'm forgetting lots of you. I'm sorry! I'm a jerk!


And I know he ain't a new find. He's actually rather old. I may have to shoot him in a few years, but until then no shout out session by moi would be complete without mentioning my absolute favorite diary in the whole freegin world, Mista TV Zero. Zero is the kinda guy that has mad sex with beautiful, beautiful women numerous times a day, but is too modest to write about them.

You're probably wondering how I know that then?

I can just tell.


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